Are Nick Jess And Ducko Nick Leaving Hit106.9 Newcastle?


Are Nick Jess And Ducko Nick Leaving Hit106.9 Newcastle?

Are Nick Jess and Ducko Nick Leaving? Get the latest update on their departure and maternity leave announcement.

Nick, Jess, and Ducko, or Nick Gill, Jess Farchione, and Nick ‘Ducko’ Ducat, were a popular radio trio known for their roles on the Hit106.9 Breakfast show in Newcastle, Australia.

They hosted a dynamic morning program, engaging their listeners with entertaining discussions, music, and humor.

The trio’s blend of personalities and camaraderie made them beloved figures in the world of radio broadcasting, particularly in the Newcastle region.

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Are Nick Jess And Ducko Nick Leaving Hit106.9 Newcastle?

Nick, Jess, and Ducko, also known as Nick Gill, Jess Farchione, and Nick ‘Ducko’ Ducat, have been the heart and soul of the Hit106.9 Breakfast show in Newcastle, Australia, for an extended period.

Their show has consistently delivered a mix of engaging conversations, great music, and a healthy dose of humor, making them an integral part of many people’s daily routines.

However, the recent announcement of Jess Farchione’s temporary departure for maternity leave has left listeners wondering if the trio will remain intact.

The good news is that Nick and Ducko are not leaving Hit106.9 Newcastle. Their commitment to the station and the show remains steadfast.

Nick and Ducko stay, and Ash London temporarily replaces Jess during maternity. (Image Source: Radio Today)

To keep the show vibrant and entertaining during Jess’s absence, a familiar face from the Hit Network, Ash London, will be stepping in as her temporary replacement.

Ash London is no stranger to the world of radio, having hosted multiple successful programs like “Take 40 Australia,” “2Day FM Breakfast,” “Shazam Top 20,” “Summer Breakfast,” and the award-winning national night’s show, “Ash London LIVE.”

Her extensive experience in the industry and her proven talent make her a perfect choice to fill in for Jess during her maternity leave.

The transition is temporary, with Ash London set to join the team starting Monday, October 9. This change is an exciting but temporary period for the Hit106.9 Breakfast show.

It ensures that the show continues entertaining and engaging its dedicated audience while eagerly awaiting Jess’s return.

Jess Farchione News Job And Salary

In the media and entertainment industry, radio hosts often have opportunities for diverse career paths.

This might involve transitions to television, podcasting, live event hosting, or exploring different roles within the radio industry itself.

Their years of experience and popularity with listeners could open doors to various exciting prospects.

Regarding salaries in the media industry, they can vary significantly based on factors such as the hosts’ experience, the size of the market they work in, and the financial capabilities of their employing station.

Esteemed hosts like Nick, Jess, and Ducko tend to command competitive salaries due to their ability to attract and retain a dedicated and engaged audience.

Nick Jess And Ducko Nick Leaving
Jess eagerly anticipates Ash’s role while she’s on maternity leave, bringing fresh energy. (Image Source: Facebook)

Farchione shared her genuine excitement when discussing Ash’s addition to the team, expressing, “I’m absolutely thrilled to have Ash back with the Hit family for the upcoming months while I take my maternity leave. It will be an incredible experience for Newcastle with Ash on the show!”

Jess’s words reflect her enthusiasm for Ash’s temporary role, highlighting the positive impact she expects Ash to have on the show and its listeners during her absence.

As Jess prepares for the journey of motherhood, she leaves her seat in capable hands, ensuring that the audience can continue to enjoy their daily dose of entertainment and companionship.

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