Aryan Qureshi Arrest And Charge: Is He In Jail?


Aryan Qureshi Arrest And Charge: Is He In Jail?

Aryan Qureshi arrest news has gone viral on social media, and here’s everything you need to know about his case.

Aryan Qureshi is reported to be Rafiqabad, whose name came into the media prominence after a video went viral on social media platforms like Twitter.

Furthermore, Aryan sparked controversy specifically because of his Hinduphobic language. A video was shared on YouTube about the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

During that moment, Qureshi called Hindu insects. The man also claimed that it would get difficult for Hindus once their (Muslim) government is formed at the center. 

After the video went viral on social media, Aryan has become a hot topic, and people are also searching for his arrest news, which has been shared below.

Aryan Qureshi Arrest News Gone Viral

Aryan Qureshi arrest news is trending on the internet sources. People on the web have been searching for this news for the past few days.

The news came after a video related to Aryan went viral on Twitter. It has been said that Aryan was arrested, and a photo of Aryan can also be found on Twitter.

Aryan Qureshi was arrested following his unnecessary comments regarding the Hindu religion. (Source: Twitter)

In the photo, Qureshi can be seen handcuffed by police was shared. His arrest came after Aryan made some comments about Hindus.

He used derogatory language against Hindus. Qureshi reportedly said, “You keep saying Hindu-Hindu; tell me where Hindus are.” He continued, “The real fight is between Jews and Muslims. What are Hindus? They will get crushed like insects when the time comes.”

Due to that, the video went viral, and people shared their thoughts regarding Aryan’s words.

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Everything About Aryan Qureshi Charges

Aryan Qureshi arrest news has raised multiple questions online, and people are eager to know related to his charges. As of now, no info related to Aryan has been shared.

It has been reported that an FIR is being registered against Aryan. Qureshi was arrested and questioned. Further investigation is underway, and more updates about his charges may be shared soon.

Aryan Qureshi Charges
Aryan Qureshi was recently arrested, and the video has gone viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Aryan’s arrest came after he made multiple comments against Hindus. Not only that, but he also accused Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Hindu allaying and working against Muslims. 

Apart from that, Netizens called for strict action against Qureshi, who reportedly finds Congress leader Rahul Gandhi a favorable candidate for the position of Prime Minister.

Is Aryan Qureshi In Jail? Arrest Update

Aryan Qureshi is currently in the police control. As said earlier, he came into the media prominence after making unnecessary comments against the Hindu language.

Following that, people on social media have raised various questions, and they also urged the police to punish him. Further investigation is going on.

Aryan Qureshi Jail
Aryan Qureshi was arrested, and following the police also released a video on Twitter giving some details. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, POLICE COMMISSIONERATE GHAZIABAD also released a video with the caption, 

“Viral video on social media in which objectionable remarks are being made by Ayaan Qureshi against a particular religion, taking immediate cognizance of which a case is being registered against the accused and the accused is being taken into custody and interrogated.”

Online users are eager to know more facts, and it can be confirmed that the police department will share some updates in the future. 

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