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Is Charissa Thompson Fired? Made Up Sideline Report Scandal

Fox Sports official Charissa Thompson said she used to lie about what coaches said during sideline reports. So, is Charissa Thompson fired? Find it out below.

Thompson, who is now the host of Fox NFL Kickoff on Fox Sports, used to be a sideline reporter for the same network.

Back then her job was to ask challenging questions and interview coaches during games.

However, in an episode of the Pardon My Take podcast, the television host admitted that she sometimes made up what coaches said in her sideline reports.

Following this, the American sportscaster has been facing much criticism and backlash. At the same time, people can’t help but wonder if she has been fired from her post.

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Is Charissa Thompson Fired?

No, Charissa Thompson is not fired from her current job as the host of Fox NFL Kickoff on Fox Sports.

“Is Charissa Thompson fired?’ has become a burning question after the made-up sideline reports scandal. (Image Source: NY Post)

However, she has apologized for saying that she used to make up reports when working as an NFL sideline reporter earlier in her career.

Thompson, who also hosts “Thursday Night Football,” said that she did this because the coaches would not come out at halftime or it was too late, and she did not want to screw up the report.

The Washington native also said that no coach would get mad if she said something like “We need to stop hurting ourselves” or “We need to do a better job of getting off the field.”

Thompson stated on the “PMT” podcast, “I haven’t been fired for saying it. And I will say it again. I would make up the report sometimes.”

Charissa Thompson Facing Criticism For Her Disclosure

Numerous other NFL reporters, including ESPN Lisa Salters, have expressed their displeasure with Thompson’s disclosure, stating that it is unacceptable, out of the ordinary, and distressing in many ways.

They claimed to never make anything up, to create trust with coaches, to take their work seriously, and to hold themselves accountable for anything they say.

They said that one of the benefits of having a sideline position is that you are the only one in the world with the ability to question coaches about what’s going on at any given time.

In her most recent podcast with Erin Andrews, Thompson refrained from addressing the matter, choosing instead to ignore the massive elephant in the room and avoid discussing their significant scandal.

Some fans have expressed disappointment and anger over Thompson’s remark and lack of accountability.

Charissa Thompson Addressed The Scandal Via An IG Post

Following the backlashes, Charissa Thompson clarified her comments made on a podcast through an Instagram post.

Charissa Thompson Fired
Charissa Thompson addressed the recent scandal via an Instagram post. (Image Source: CNN)

The sportscaster explained that she had used the wrong words to describe her actions during her early career as a sideline reporter before becoming a host.

The Fox Sports official apologized and emphasized that she had never lied or acted unethically during her time as a sports broadcaster.

The Washington native went on to explain that when coaches didn’t provide any additional information for her reports, she would use what she observed during the first half of the game to create her report.

For instance, if a team was 0 for 7 on 3rd down, she would highlight that as an area for improvement in the second half. She assured me that she never attributed any statements to a player or coach.

She expressed her respect for sideline reporters and acknowledged the hard work they put in both behind the scenes and on the field.

In addition, Charissa expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business, many of whom she considers close friends.

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