Is Janna Dominguez Pregnant 2023? Baby Bump Rumors


Is Janna Dominguez Pregnant 2023? Baby Bump Rumors

Is Janna Dominguez pregnant in 2023? Get insights on the actress’ weight gain and baby bump rumors from this article.

Janna Dominguez is a Filipino actress, host, and comedian best known for her role as Maria in the sitcom Pepito Manaloto.

She is also a mother of four children with her partner Mickey Ablan, a former actor and model.

However, in October 2023, Dominguez faced a tragic loss when her daughter Yzabel passed away due to an undisclosed illness.

She announced the sad news on her Instagram account and thanked everyone who supported her family during their difficult time. Since then, Dominguez has kept a low profile and focused on her recovery.

However, some fans and netizens have noticed that she has gained some weight and appears to have a baby bump in some recent photos.

This has sparked rumors that she might be pregnant again with her fifth child. Is there any truth to these speculations? Here’s what we know so far.

Is Janna Dominguez Pregnant? Weight Gain Rumors

The rumors about Dominguez’s possible pregnancy started when she posted a photo of herself wearing a loose-fitting dress on her Instagram story.

Some followers commented that she looked like she was hiding something under her clothes and asked if she was expecting another baby. Dominguez did not respond to these queries but later deleted the photo from her story.

Another source of the rumors was a video that Dominguez uploaded on her YouTube channel, where she showed her fans how she does her makeup.

In the video, Dominguez wore a black top that seemed to accentuate her curves and revealed a slight bulge in her abdomen.

Janna Dominguez Pregnant
Janna Dominguez alongside her husband, Mickey Ablan. (Image Source: GMA Network)

Some of her viewers pointed out that she looked pregnant and congratulated her on her supposed blessing.

However, Dominguez did not address these comments either and simply thanked them for watching her video.

So far, Dominguez has not confirmed or denied the rumors about her pregnancy. She has also not posted any photos or videos showing her belly or indicating that she is expecting another child.

Therefore, the rumors may be based on assumptions and wishful thinking from some of her fans who want to see her happy again after losing Yzabel.

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Janna Dominguez Health In 2023

Aside from the pregnancy rumors, some people have also expressed concern about Dominguez’s health in 2023.

They have noticed that she has gained weight since Yzabel’s death and wondered if she was coping well with her grief.

They have also speculated that she might be suffering from depression or other mental health issues that could affect her physical well-being.

Dominguez has not spoken publicly about her health condition or how she deals with her loss.

However, she has hinted that she is trying to stay positive and hopeful despite the challenges that she faces.

Janna Dominguez Health
Janna Dominguez might be suffering from some physical or mental illness due to the passing of her beloved daughter. (Source: IMDb)

She has also posted a number of motivational sayings and messages on her social media pages, which indicate that she is turning to her faith and her loved ones for support and solace.

According to one of the sayings that Dominguez put on her Instagram story, God won’t ever leave you empty. He’ll make up for all you dropped.

He wants you to pick up something more important if you are asked to put something down. Another person remarked, “Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul.”

Dominguez has also received support and encouragement from her friends and colleagues in showbiz, who have visited her at home or sent her flowers and gifts.

Some of them include Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Ogie Alcasid, Michael V., Maine Mendoza, Paolo Ballesteros, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, and many more.

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Dominguez has expressed her gratitude to all of them for their love and care. She has also thanked her fans and followers for their prayers and messages of sympathy.

She has assured them she is doing fine and will return soon.

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