Is Martin Lewis Missing? Scandal And Controversy


Is Martin Lewis Missing? Scandal And Controversy

Martin Lewis missing news is trending on the internet sources, and if you want to know everything related to his scandal, read this article till the end.

Martin Lewis is a well-known British personal finance expert and television presenter. He is also famous for being the founder of the website

For your information, provides advice and information on a wide range of financial topics, including saving money, getting the best deals on various products and services, and managing personal finances.

Furthermore, Lewis is also known for his expertise in helping people make informed decisions about their money and for providing tips on how to save money in various aspects of life.

Apart from that, Martin often gets into the media prominence for various reasons and people on the internet are searching for Lewis’ missing news.

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HSBC: Is Martin Lewis Missing?

No, Martin Lewis is not missing, but the news has gone viral on various social media platforms. Online users are heavily searching for Martin’s missing news.

It appears that the missing news of Martin came into the limelight without any truth. At the time of this post, none of the verified media sources has given anything related to this matter.

Martin Lewis is not missing, but the news has gone viral on the internet sources. ( Source: BBC )

Not only that, but Lewis has also kept his mouth shut regarding this topic. It can be confirmed that he is not missing, as Martin is still making regular posts on his social media handles.

On the other hand, Martin is making rounds online after he warned that one million pensioners could be missing out on an important cost-of-living benefit. 

All About Martin Lewis Scandal And Controversy

As said earlier, Martin Lewis often makes rounds online for various reasons. He has been involved in some scandals in the past, and currently, people want to know something related to his controversy.

In the past, Martin faced criticism for promoting’s PPI claims tool, which some argued benefited his website financially, rather than encouraging individuals to claim PPI refunds directly from their banks.

Martin Lewis Scandal
Martin Lewis scandal often makes rounds online as people on social media want to know everything related to his controversy. ( Source: The Sun )

In 2018, Lewis sued Facebook for not preventing misleading advertisements that used his name and image to promote various investment schemes, highlighting the issue of deceptive online advertising.

On the other side, Martin has been targeted by cryptocurrency endorsement scams, with his name and likeness used in fraudulent online advertisements to deceive individuals into investing in cryptocurrency schemes.

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Where Is Martin Lewis Now?

Martin Lewis is not missing, but due to his vanishing news, people are eager to know where he is now. It can be said that Martin is not missing, and he is busy with his professional career.

He is involved in providing financial advice and consumer advocacy through his website. Furthermore, Martin is also active in various social media handles.

Martin Lewis Now
Martin Lewis is a well-known British personal finance expert and television presenter. ( Source: Sky News )

Martin can be followed on Instagram under the username @martinlewismse, where more than 904k people have followed him.

From his social media handles, Martin shares updates related to his daily life and events. Considering this fact, it can be said that Lewis is focused on his career. 

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