Jayson McNaughton Net Worth 2023: Salary And Career Earning


Jayson McNaughton Net Worth 2023: Salary And Career Earning

What Is Jayson McNaughton Net Worth In 2023? How much is his salary?

Jayson McNaughton is the partner of Justin Jedlica, famous as the “Human Ken Doll.”

Justin’s extensive cosmetic procedures have made him a notable figure.

Jayson, a Victorian dentist, is married to Justin, sharing their lives and experiences together in the public eye. Their relationship adds an intriguing dimension to Justin’s story.

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Jayson McNaughton Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is His Partner Justin Jedlica?

As of 2023, Jayson McNaughton’s exact net worth remains undisclosed to the public.

While there is no precise figure available, it is widely recognized that he works as a Victorian dentist.

In Victoria, the average annual salary for a dentist is approximately $146,717.

With this information in mind, it can be estimated that Jayson likely earns a six-figure income annually, putting his net worth in the vicinity of $900,000.

However, it’s important to note that this is a rough estimate, and without concrete financial data or statements from Jayson himself, the accuracy of this figure cannot be confirmed.

Given his profession and the regional salary averages, it is a reasonable assumption that Jayson McNaughton has accumulated a considerable sum of wealth over the years.

Jayson McNaughton With His Partner Justin Jedlica. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Justin Jedlica, famously recognized as the “Human Ken Doll” for his extensive plastic surgery procedures and transformations, has managed to amass an estimated net worth of around $5 million by 2023.

Justin’s wealth primarily stems from his successful career in modeling, where he has gained fame and a significant source of income.

Throughout his career, Justin has embraced his distinctive look and persona, making him a sought-after figure in the fashion and entertainment industry.

His unique appearance and media presence have allowed him to secure various modeling gigs, endorsements, and public appearances, which have contributed to his considerable financial success.

Jayson McNaughton Career Details: He Is A Victorian Dentist?

Jayson McNaughton is a Victorian dentist known for his professional career and his involvement in political activities.

He has made headlines for his connection to Justin Jedlica, and their relationship has been a subject of interest.

As a dentist based in Melbourne, Victoria, Jayson McNaughton practices in the field of dental healthcare.

His professional role involves providing oral health services to patients, including examinations, cleanings, and dental treatments.

While not as widely recognized as his partner, Justin Jedlica, Jayson’s contributions to the field of dentistry are significant in their own right.

Moreover, McNaughton’s involvement in politics is noteworthy. He has been associated with the Liberal Party, as evidenced by his donations to the party.

Jayson McNaughton Net Worth 2023: Salary And Career Earnings
Jayson McNaughton At Scomo. (Source: Instagram)

This political connection is part of the backdrop for his partner, Justin Jedlica’s, interest in lobbying for LGBTIQ rights.

Jedlica’s experiences of bullying and discrimination as a gay man have motivated him to engage with political leaders to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Jayson McNaughton’s career as a dentist and his political affiliations with the Liberal Party provide a unique context to his relationship with Justin Jedlica.

Their involvement in political events and functions, including appearances at annual federal budget functions in Canberra, has further solidified their presence in the public eye.

In the past, there have been controversies and allegations related to Jedlica’s presence at Parliament House, but he has clarified that he was an invited guest and had undergone security and background checks to attend these events.

Thus, Jayson McNaughton is a Melbourne-based dentist with a connection to the Liberal Party and is known for his relationship with Justin Jedlica, the “Human Ken Doll.”

Their shared interest in political engagement, particularly in advocating for LGBTIQ rights, has brought them into the public spotlight, and they have made appearances at important political gatherings.

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