Laura Kuenssberg Boris Johnson Affair: Scandal & Controversy


Laura Kuenssberg Boris Johnson Affair: Scandal & Controversy

Laura Kuenssberg Boris Johnson affair news is currently making headlines. Get insights on their scandal and controversy details.

The BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, has been at the center of a storm of rumors and allegations about her relationship with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The speculation has intensified in recent weeks as Johnson faces multiple crises and scandals, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the Downing Street “Partygate” affair.

But what is the truth behind the claims of an affair between Kuenssberg and Johnson? And how has it affected their professional and personal lives?

Laura Kuenssberg Boris Johnson Affair: Are They Together?

The rumors of an affair between Kuenssberg and Johnson have been circulating for years, but they have never been confirmed or denied by either party.

Some sources suggest that they have been close friends since they both studied at the University of Oxford in the late 1980s, where they were both members of the exclusive Bullingdon Club.

Others claim that they became romantically involved in 2015 when Kuenssberg became the BBC’s first female political editor, and Johnson was the Mayor of London.

However, there is no concrete evidence to support these allegations, and both Kuenssberg and Johnson are married to other people.

Laura Kuenssberg and Boris Johnson affair rumors have been circulating for years now, but neither party has confirmed or denied it yet. (Image Source: The New European)

Kuenssberg is married to James Kelly, a city management consultant whom she met at the University of Edinburgh. They live in east London and do not have children.

Johnson is married to Carrie Symonds, a former Conservative Party communications director, whom he wed in a secret ceremony in May 2021. They have a son, Wilfred, who was born in April 2020.

Kuenssberg and Johnson have both been very private about their personal lives and have rarely commented on the rumors of an affair.

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In a rare interview with the Radio Times in 2020, Kuenssberg said: “You’ll have to ask my husband that. And he isn’t going to be mentioned.”

Johnson has also avoided answering questions about his private life, especially after it was revealed that he had fathered at least six children with different women.

Laura Kuenssberg & Boris Johnson Scandal & Controversy

The rumors of an affair between Kuenssberg and Johnson have not only raised questions about their personal integrity but also about their professional conduct.

Some critics have accused Kuenssberg of being biased towards Johnson and his government and of failing to hold him to account for his actions and policies.

They have also suggested that Kuenssberg has used her position as the BBC’s political editor to gain access and influence over Johnson and to protect him from scrutiny and criticism.

For example, in June 2020, Kuenssberg was accused of “acting as an unofficial spokesperson” for Johnson’s government after she reported on the Tories’ plan to hike National Insurance contributions.

In July 2020, she faced over 100 complaints from viewers who alleged that she had overly interrupted Johnson and displayed bias against the government in an interview.

In January 2022, she was criticized for lifting the lid on Johnson’s Tory lifeline, saying that he was in “no danger” of losing his leadership despite the ongoing scandal over the Downing Street “Partygate” affair.

Laura Kuenssberg Boris Johnson scandal
Some critics have accused Kuenssberg of being biased towards Johnson due to their close bond. (Image Source: Daily Express)

However, Kuenssberg has also defended her impartiality and professionalism and has challenged Johnson on many occasions.

She has reported on some of the most turbulent events in British politics, from Brexit to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has won several awards for her journalism.

She has also faced abuse and threats from online trolls, who have targeted her for her gender, appearance and political views. She has said she tries to ignore the “noise” and focus on her job.

Kuenssberg announced in December 2021 that she would leave her role as the BBC’s political editor in Easter 2022 after seven years in the post.

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She said that she was grateful for her time as political editor but that it was time for a change. She will be replaced by Nick Robinson, her predecessor before he moved to present Radio 4’s Today program.

Kuenssberg has not revealed what her next role will be, but she said that she would continue to work for the BBC.

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