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Netflix: Ruth Codd Disability: What Happened To Her?

Netflix: Ruth Codd Disability: What Happened To Her?

Ruth Codd disability advocacy work has made her a prominent figure in the conversation surrounding disability representation in the entertainment industry.

In the world of entertainment, representation matters more than ever before. It’s a powerful tool that inspires, educates, and brings about change. 

In the case of Ruth Codd, an Irish actress who rose to fame through TikTok, her journey from the digital realm to the screen is not just a story of personal success.

Ruth Codd’s debut role as Anya in Netflix’s “The Midnight Club” showcases the importance of authentic casting and breaking stereotypes. 

Beyond her on-screen persona, Ruth’s life experiences have played a crucial role in shaping her career and mission to raise awareness about disabilities, particularly amputees. 

Netflix: Ruth Codd Disability

Ruth Codd’s disability served as a source of inspiration for her character, Anya, in “The Midnight Club.”

Anya, an amputee with a terminal illness, is a multifaceted character who defies stereotypes, showcasing the complexity of individuals with disabilities. (Source:

In the vast landscape of streaming platforms, Netflix has been at the forefront of promoting diversity and inclusion in its content. One such example is the casting of Ruth Codd as Anya in the Netflix series “The Midnight Club.” 

Anya is a character who, like Ruth herself, is an amputee. She’s portrayed as fierce, whip-smart, and nuanced—a testament to the fact that people are multifaceted, and their disabilities are just one aspect of who they are.

Ruth Codd’s journey to landing the role of Anya was anything but conventional. Unlike many actors who follow a traditional path through acting schools and auditions, Ruth’s journey began on TikTok, the social media platform known for its short-form videos.

Before TikTok fame, Ruth had a different career as a professional makeup artist and barber. 

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However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about unexpected changes in her life, leading her to explore a new avenue for self-expression.

What Happened To Ruth Codd?

At 15, Ruth experienced a significant setback when she suffered a severe foot injury while playing soccer. 

Ruth Codd Disability
Ruth Codd’s disability advocacy work continues to inspire and break down barriers, extending her impact beyond her acting career. (Source:

Little did she know that this injury would shape her future in ways she could never have anticipated.

Fast forward to age 23, and Ruth faced a life-altering decision. Due to complications stemming from her previous foot injury, she made the courageous choice to have her right leg amputated below the knee. 

While undoubtedly difficult, this decision marked the beginning of a new chapter in Ruth’s life—one filled with challenges but also with resilience and determination.

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The journey of adapting to life as an amputee was not easy, but it was during this period that Ruth discovered her strength and resilience. 

Ruth Codd Health In 2023

As of 2023, Ruth Codd continues to be an inspiring figure in entertainment and disability advocacy. 

Her portrayal of Anya in “The Midnight Club” has garnered critical acclaim and resonated with audiences worldwide. Beyond her on-screen success, Ruth’s commitment to raising awareness about disabilities remains unwavering.

In an industry where disabled representation has often fallen short, Ruth’s presence is a beacon of hope and progress. Her message is clear: people with disabilities are not defined solely by their conditions. They are individuals with their dreams, personalities, and abilities. 

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Ruth challenges stereotypes through her role as Anya and reminds us that disabilities should not be the sole focus when representing diverse characters on screen.

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