What Happened To Benjamin Netanyahu? Health Update 2023


What Happened To Benjamin Netanyahu? Health Update 2023

What happened to Benjamin Netanyahu? Get updates on his health and illness issues as of 2023.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently been in the news because of his divisive plan to revamp the judiciary, which has provoked protests and strikes across the country.

But he also faced a personal challenge when he was rushed to the hospital for dehydration and underwent a heart procedure.

Here is what we know about his health situation and how it affects his political agenda.

What Happened To Benjamin Netanyahu In 2023?

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not suffer from any illness as of October 2023. 

However, Benjamin experienced a health scare on July 15, 2023, when he was admitted to a hospital near his Caesarea residence after complaining of dizziness and weakness.

The incident followed a day spent at the Sea of Galilee in extreme heat, where Netanyahu had foregone protection such as a hat or adequate hydration, leading to dehydration.

What Happened To Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sick and admitted to the hospital a few months ago. (Source: The Japan Times)

Upon admission, he underwent a series of tests and observations, revealing a heart arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, as the underlying issue.

To address this condition, Netanyahu underwent a minor surgical procedure to implant a heart pacemaker, a device crucial for regulating the heart’s rhythm and ensuring proper functionality.

Medical professionals overseeing his care confirmed that the surgery proceeded smoothly, and Netanyahu’s heart was deemed in “excellent condition.”

Consequently, he was discharged from the hospital later that day, enabling him to resume his regular activities.

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The significance of taking appropriate measures, especially in severe weather conditions, is brought home by this episode.

It highlights the swift and effective medical response that can ensure the well-being of individuals facing cardiac health concerns.

Benjamin Netanyahu Health Update 2023

Netanyahu’s office said he was fine and would continue leading the country as usual. The prime minister thanked his supporters for their prayers and well wishes.

He said he was determined to push forward with his judicial overhaul plan, which he claimed was necessary to restore democracy and prevent court interference.

However, his opponents accused him of using the overhaul to undermine the rule of law and evade prosecution for corruption charges, which he denies.

They also expressed concern about his ability to govern effectively while facing health issues and public unrest.

Netanyahu’s health scare was critical for Israel, as it faced unprecedented protests against his government’s policies.

Benjamin Netayahu health
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a pacemaker installed after having a heart conduction problem for years. (Source: The Times of Israel)

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets across the country, demanding that he resign or call for new elections.

They also called for preserving the independence and integrity of the judiciary, which they feared would be eroded by the overhaul.

The overhaul, which consists of several bills, aims to limit the power of the Supreme Court to overturn government decisions and laws and to give more authority to the parliament and the executive branch.

It also seeks to change how judges are appointed and supervised, allowing for more political influence over their selection and removal.

On Monday, July 24, 2023, a vote was set on the first substantial component of the revision, which would have given the parliament the ability to override Supreme Court decisions with a simple majority vote.

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The debate over the bill began on Sunday, despite Netanyahu’s hospitalization.

Supporters of the bill argued that it was needed to balance the powers between the branches of government and prevent judicial activism.

Opponents of the bill warned that it would undermine democracy and human rights and enable Netanyahu to escape justice.

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