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Who Is Jordy Bahl Boyfriend Trey Frahm? Dating Timeline

Jordy Bahl boyfriend, Trey Frahm, is a baseball player at the University of Nebraska. The smitten couple shares enthusiasm for sports.

Jordy Bahl is an American college softball pitcher. The Papillion, Nebraska-born athlete currently plays for Nebraska Cornhuskers.

She previously played for the Oklahoma Sooners. The young athlete has yet to venture into the professional league.

Thanks to her athletic prowess, she has already garnered significant fame and name. Due to this, her dating life has become a subject of massive interest.

The softball pitcher is reportedly dating Trey Frahm, who is also an athlete. Explore more about Jordy Bahl and Trey Frahm’s relationship.

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Who Is Jordy Bahl Boyfriend Trey Frahm?

Jordy Bahl, the renowned collegiate softball pitcher, is in a relationship with Trey Frahm, who is also an accomplished athlete.

Jordy Bahl boyfriend, Trey Frahm, hails from Elkhorn, Nevada. (Image Source: Instagram)

Trey Frahm is an American collegiate baseball player currently on the University of Nebraska’s baseball team.

Frahm is reportedly classified as a pitcher, but his experience extends far beyond this role.

Further, he has played first base, shortstop, and many other positions.

His contribution to the team has been significant, and he continues to demonstrate his skills on the field.

Trey Frahm comes from Elkhorn, Nevada, a location recognized for its lively community and picturesque surroundings.

He was born to Theresa Coufal and Rusty Frahm, who have always supported his passion for baseball.

Their support and motivation were instrumental in molding Trey’s thriving baseball career.

Before joining the University of Nebraska’s baseball team, Jordy Bahl’s boyfriend had initially committed to the Kansas State Wildcats.

This decision was a significant step in his journey as a baseball player. Nonetheless, both Jordy Bahl and Trey Frahm are shining stars in their respective sports.

Their dedication and commitment to their sport are truly inspiring. As they continue to excel in their fields, they also continue to support each other in their personal lives.

Jordy Bahl And Trey Frahm Began Dating In 2022

Jordy Bahl and Trey Frahm celebrated their first dating anniversary in May 2023, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

Jordy Bahl boyfriend
Jordy Bahl and Trey Frahm celebrated their one-year dating anniversary in May 2023. (Image Source: Instagram)

At the time, Bahl shared a heartfelt post with her boyfriend, Trey Frahm. The smitten couple, who are deeply in love, appears to have started dating in 2022.

While the duration of a relationship can often be a focus point, what truly matters is their love, care, and respect for each other.

This sentiment is beautifully encapsulated in their relationship. Also, their commitment to each other is clearly visible in their social media posts.

A brief glance at their social media profiles showcases many photos of the couple, each capturing a special moment they have experienced together.

These pictures serve as a testament to their strong bond and the affection they have for each other.

Moreover, the lovely duo don’t seem to miss any opportunity to spend quality time together.

Be it celebrating festivities like Christmas or participating in Independence Day celebrations, they ensure to make the most of these moments.

The Bahl-Frahm pair’s shared experiences strengthen their bond and create memories they can look back on fondly.

In conclusion, Jordy Bahl and Trey Frahm’s relationship is a beautiful example of love and sportsmanship. Their story proves that love and sportsmanship can indeed go hand in hand.

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